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David Jomeli is a registered Civil Engineer, entrepreneur, educator, and industry influencer with 23 years of experience in the engineering
profession in Kenya. David Jomeli holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Technical University of Mombasa and Professional Diplomas in Building and Civil Engineering from the Mombasa Polytechnic University College. Engineer Jomeli is a lifelong learner and is constantly abreast of newest approaches, innovations and technologies in engineering. Over the years, he has taken advantage of numerous professional development opportunities, solar panel installation, project planning and management monitoring, corporate governance, and advanced building technologies. Engineer Jomeli is registered with Institution of Engineers of Kenya, a society of engineering professionals that co-operates with national and international institutions in developing and applying engineering to the benefit of humanity. Engineer Jomeli is the Technical Director for David Jomeli Malidadi Construction and Supplies Limited which is registered with Ministry of Environment water and natural resource as A Qualified Water Contractor CLASS D for Water Supply, Sewage, Irrigation and Electromechanical Works. Dam construction and associated civil works.

Engineer Jomeli is also a registered contractor with the National Construction Authority in Category 2 for Building, Roads and Water Works. Engineer Jomeli is the Technical Director of Kenya Federation of
Master Builders (KFMB)

Engineering Professional

David Jomeli has also been instrumental in improving the professional and technical practices in engineering. Engineer Jomeli is a founding member of the Kenyan Institute of Engineering Technologist and Technicians, whose main objective is to “promote the advancement of the profession of engineering technology and the science of engineering technology in Kenya.” He is also registered as a Professional Engineering Technologist with Kenya Engineering Technologists Registration Board and registered with theEngineers Board of Kenya.

Eng. David Jomeli joined Permanent Working Group of the AHK for dual Training Programs for Technical and Vocational Training.

He was appointed to the Training Content Development Taskforce for the financial year 2019/2020 by the Executive Director of National Construction Authority from 23rd July 2019, also participated in the making of National Occupational Standards For Scaffolding Assistant Level 6.

He was also tasked in Developing Assessment and Mentoring Tools for Scaffolding Technology held in Lake Naivasha resort from 10th -14th August with TVET CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT AND CERTIFICATION COUNCIL (TVET CDACC).

International Trade Ambassador

David Jomeli feels his greatest asset is the connections and relationships build over time with the Kenyan Government, private businesses and
entities, and government and business entities internationally. In the role of business and industry ambassador, Engineer Jomeli has received numerous invitations from Austrian, Finland, German, British and U.S. trade associations as their countries eagerly look to expand business opportunities within Kenya.

More recently, Engineer Jomeli attended World of Concrete Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on behalf of the Kenya Federation of Master Builders (January 2019), and is part of a Kenyan Delegation that was sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of commerce to attend the CONEXPO-CON/AGG North America Construction Trade Show (March 2020). While Kenya has existing partnerships with businesses in China, Japan, and Germany, Engineer Jomeli indicates there is a strong desire in his country to engage companies in the United States with expertise in construction, renewal energy, and waste management.

Affordable Housing Priority

David Jomeli has been extremely active in providing affordable solutions in Kenya and its bordering countries, as it continues to be vexing issue in East Africa. Engineer Jomeli has served on the technical committee for Affordable Housing in the office of his Excellency the Deputy President and was appointed as a consultant on the technical committee convened to prepare for the 2020 Affordable Housing Investment Summit in Nairobi.

Professional Standards
Engineer Jomeli serves on several professional standards boards, including the Kenya Federation of Master Builders. Engineer Jomeli served on the
technical committee in the creation of the curriculum for the Bachelors of Technology in Civil Engineering, a four (4) year program at the
Technical University of Mombasa. He also served as a consultant on the technical team that prepared standards and instruments for the measurement of the pedagogical skill of master craftsmen for the National Industrial Training Authority, a project funded by the World Bank, Government of Kenya and other multi-national stakeholders. Engineer Jomeli has been appointed to the Training Content
Development Taskforce by the Executive Director of the National Construction Authority for financial year 2019/2020, where he serves as a Construction Industry Consultant. He has also served as a Construction Industry Consultant drafting of the Contractors Code of Conduct for The National Construction Authority.

Focus on Sustainable Practices

David Jomeli has a keen interest in environmentally friendly practices, including renewal energy technologies, alternative building materials, ecofriendly architecture and waste water management. Engineer Jomeli has participated in Workshops for green buildings and has been active in advancing environmental friendly engineering standards in Kenya. He is also a consultant in the German/Kenyan Water partnership and participated in the Workshop ‘Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange Resin Applications,’ organized by the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya (AHK Kenya). Engineer Jomeli has traveled to Germany
several times to visit and learn about the country’s waste water treatment, renewal energy, and waste disposal solutions.

Jomeli is also interested in the manufacture of biofuel as an alternate to petroleum, and looks forward to the expansion of that sector in Kenya.